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Data driven solutions

From simple n-tier projects to Microsoft Azure solutions to distributed microservices, UPNXT can help you create, update and maintain your projects.


Web development

We can build the perfect responsive site or service for your business, or utilize existing CRM technologies for easy to manage backends.


Solutions advisory

Custom solutions aren't always the best answer. We can help discover and implement solutions best suited for your business.

Our specialties

We specialize in responsive/mobile friendly applications, backend architecture, services, and data driven applications. We have architected, designed, and worked on systems for startups, small/medium businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

We welcome projects of any size and provide the same level of attention and expertise across the board. See how we work for more information.

We love to work on projects you believe in.

Whether you're trying to change the world, build internal services for your business, or exploring automation: you'll have our full attention and support.

Some of our latest projects

These are a few of the latest projects. Difficulty ranges from a few days, to a few months, to multiple-year endevours.

We offer full-lifecycle development helping through the planning, development, hosting and maintenance stages.

  • Khomanta

    Peruvian specialty coffee roaster.

  • Code Skills

    Machine learning backed software engineer screening service.

  • FastVote

    Free polling service built on blockchain.

  • Space Gate

    A browser based sci-fi incremental/clicker game.

How we work

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