Some internal projects.


An ethically-sourced specialty coffee shop focusing on the coffees of Peru that shares the sales profits with producers. The store was built on Shopify utilizing a custom theme, addons for security, and Azure CDN for quicker load times.

Code Screen

Code Screen is a developer screening tool created to replace the technical phone screen. It uses "AI"/machine learning to try and quickly figure out developer understandings through short real-world multiple choice questions.

The Break Center

A marketing and web presence website for a local break dancing studio taught by the famous bboy "Xodus" in Kansas City, MO.

Space Gate incremental/clicker game

A simple clicker/incremental browser game created to experiemtn with vuex and three.js. The game starts out by collecting resources from the buildings located on the spinning planet. With the collected resources players construct additional building, research technology, and build defensive/offensive units. As the game progresses players must deal with local aggressive lifeforms and eventually hostile invaders.

Meat Pi

A Raspberry PI web based controller for meat curing and homebrew chambers. The temperature controller was designed to work with chest freezers where temperature can fluctuate drastically at meat curing and homebrewing temperature levels.

Amazon Dash events

Intercepted Amazon Dash button clicks to perform different duties such as tracking when our fat pug ate, or when the baby ate/soiled diapers. The code is open source (found in the linked blog post).


A small jQuery extension that was added to the official library. The extension enables a "sleep" effect most developers are familiar with which doesn't rely on animation tricks. Getting added to the official library was a nice accomplishment.

Pebble Watch apps

Unfortunately the Pebble watch is being discontinued and the app creation tools are no longer available. The only thing salvaged was a local resource for a silly stand-up timer to remind you to get up from your chair. The Pebble watch was a great device that had a non-existent learning curve for people with JavaScript experience. You could jump right into a cloud editor, write your code, and run it on your watch in seconds.